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Publish your GIS data in the Web

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Mappetizer 11.4 for ArcGIS available

We are proud to present a new release of Mappetizer for ArcGIS.
A list of new features be seen here.

The uismedia newsletter is available

Our newsletter 2/2014 is ready for download.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil: We have the WM map

Have a look on our 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil map with informations about the destinations, the teams and the results.

weather map "Wetterwarte-Süd"

We are proud to present our weather map "Wetterwarte-Süd".
The page is fully database driven and shows the current temperature as well as many other parameters for about 50 weather stations in South Germany. You can have a look at the current situation as well as at parameters in the past (depending on the weather station about back to the year 2010). But what we like the most are the extensive use of charts: Daily, monthly, and yearly plots with the temperature and precipitation are provided. Beyond this a comparing view about the min/max temperature for two or more weather stations is also possible.


A different kind of medals standing

Another view of the medals standing of the Olympic Games 2014 results, when comparing the medals won in the individual countries in relation with their population. The map "Olympic Games 2014: Medals Standing" shows the differences in ranking.

Mappetizer "Story Map"

Here an example: "Wanderbares Süddeutschland"

Location based customer display

Over the last few weeks we developed a smartphone application which you can use to display the location of your nearby customers whereever you are at the moment. It gives you the direction to them as well. (It also gets you directions to any other places, if you want.)
To demonstrate this we put a demo project on our server. Behind this demo is a worldwide "fictitious friend database". So whereever you are you all have access to the same database and you should at least find some of your fictitious friends not too far away... This demo maybe demonstrates not the right "goal" but for us it is important that you can test it all over the world. So please do this and give us feedback.
Not to forget the application needs location-aware browsing!

election maps with Mappetizer

The Statistikamt Nord use Mappetizer for ArcGIS to present the election data on maps. Interaktive Karten zur Bundestagswahl und zum Volksentscheid in Hamburg.

Mappetizer 11.1 for ArcGIS available

We are proud to present a new release of Mappetizer for ArcGIS.
A list of new features be seen here.

Mappetizer 11.0 for ArcGIS available

We are proud to present a new release of Mappetizer for ArcGIS.
Many new demo maps can be find here.
A list of new features be seen here.

Mappetizer maps with multimedia

Now you can implement multimedia things like videos to your maps created with Mappetizer: Please have a look here for a small example.

Mappetizer maps in Facebook

Now you can implement your maps created with Mappetizer also in your Facebook page: Please have a look how it looks like on our FB page: Link to Facebook.


Real time or fast motion:Displaying time based layers in Mappetizer:
Link to Example

Mappetizer for ArcGIS supports cluster maps! Please have a look:

U.S. Cities:
Link to Example

Link to Example

Mappetizer for ArcGIS supports extended graphps and charts possibilities:

Have a look on our World energy consumption map:
Link to Example

Mappetizer 3 Standalone released:

The new functionalities can be seen here.
This is an exported example: Mappetizer 3 Sample.