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Mappetizer 14.0 for ArcGIS available

We are proud to present a new release of Mappetizer for ArcGIS.
Many new demo maps can be find here.
A list of new features be seen here.

Result maps for the Bundestag election in Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein

The Statistikamt Nord use Mappetizer for ArcGIS to present the election data on maps.

  • Interaktive Karte zur Bundestagswahl in Schleswig-Holstein am 24. September 2017
  • Interaktive Karte zur Bundestagswahl in Hamburg am 24. September 2017
  • England’s light pollution and dark skies

    CPRE presents interactive maps of England’s light pollution and dark skies.

  • http://nightblight.cpre.org.uk/.
  • http://nightblight.cpre.org.uk/maps/.
  • Convective storms potential in Thüringen

    The Thüringer Klimaargentur shows a new map Convective storms potential.

    MapAction has used Mappetizer for ArcGIS in Nepal

    The NGO MapAction has used Mappetizer for ArcGIS during the response to Nepal earthquakes to create village level maps describing agency presence and activities. The maps are used both online and offline, which are vital to ensure seemless coordination.