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uismedia will offer services around web mapping. We useour software products Mappetizer and Mappetizer for ArcGIS and also other API's:


Web mapping solutions with Open Source Software

Furthermore we offer services within:


in addition:

Thunderstorms in Thüringen

Our service: Expanding our software by slider functionalities.
Client: Thüringer Klimaagentur, Jena

Gewitter in Thüringen


SVG based output in CadnaA, software for noise calculation, noise prediction, and noise mapping

Client: DataKustik GmbH, Greifenberg

SVG basierte Ausgabe in CadnaA


Hochwassernachrichtenzentrale Thüringen

Our service: Dynamically adjustment of symbols and attributes.
Client: Thüringer Landesanstalt für Umwelt und Geologie, Jena-Göschwitz

Hochwassernachrichtenzentrale Thüringen


Cape Town Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR)

Our service: Database driven map to show current sights of specific (invasive) plants.
Client: Geocline Consulting, South Africa



Radlstadt Freising

Our service: Developing and programming of a map based application based on Google Maps Api.

Radlstadt Freising


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Playground and Examples

Real time or fast motion: Displaying time based layers:

Link to Example
In this example with GPS recorded tracks can be viewed and analysed (speed, time).

Prices for Building Land

Link to Example
In this example a slider is used to visualize time series.