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Mappetizer will be developed continuously. So please have a look on this page for possible updates.

Mappetizer for ArcGIS 10.x / 9.3

The current version of Mappetizer for ArcGIS 10.x / 9.3 is version 13.0.3

Version 13.0
  • Changeable transprency for layers
  • Share map via E-Mail, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • New Design
  • Zoom in with double-tap on touch devices
  • Raster settings can be changed for all raster layers at once
  • Beter usablility with moble devices
  • Runs on HTTPS
  • Dojo Toolkit 1.11.x
  • New version ImageMagick
  • Bug fixes
Version 12.1
  • New printing layout
  • Numeric values are shown with locale decimal settings
  • Showing current location on map for desktop and smartphone
  • Enhancements in layout
  • New Basemaps
  • New version ImageMagick
  • Bug fixes
Version 12.0
  • Responsive Design for usage on PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Display datagraphs in layout container below legend
  • Enhancements for datagraphs
  • Automatic legend driven by scale ranges
  • Automatic creation for layers in a combobox
  • Exclusive visualisation of layers (Radio button functionality for turning off/on)
  • Possibility to visualize layers with overlapping features
  • Better support of base maps
  • Slider usage with database extension
  • Dojo Toolkit 1.10.x
  • New version ImageMagick
  • Bug fixes

Mappetizer for ArcGIS 8.x/9.0/9.1/9.2

The current version of Mappetizer for 9.x is version 8.3.17

Version 8.3
  • Better overview map
  • Mousewheel for zooming is supported
  • WMS-Layer with EPSG:900913
  • Automatic change of fieldnames
  • Hyperlinks in relates are supported
  • Dojo Toolkit 1.4.3
  • Bug fixes

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