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Address (street, city):

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Coordinate read-out
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Author: Ruth Lang
Date: 18. August 2014

Mappetizer Travel Diary is a web application for your tracks, pictures, stories and information. It helps you to organize your tracks, but it also offers you space for additional information (e.g. text, pictures, links) about your tracks - for your own, but also to share it with your friends.

Mappetizer Travel Diary simply bases on open standards like HTML, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and XML. You can use your application on your local machine, publish them on the web or give them away on CD-ROM or DVD and view them within a Web browser.
It is easy to configure and to maintain. You don't need any specific web server technology.

Download a Demo application and try it with your own tracks: Mappetizer Travel Diary by uismedia


Instructions for the map:

Zoom in:
Click once in the map to zoom in centered or drag a box over the particular area.
Zoom out:
Click once in the map.
Click in the map, hold down the mouse button, and drag in any direction.
Back to original view.
Go back to previous extent - Go to next extent
Click on the objects (tracks, icons..) in the map to display data.

Instructions for the info window:

Click on arrow or on title to open or collapse the info window.
More pictures (slideshow) might be behind the picture in the info window.
Clear info window.
Highlight feature in the map.
Zoom to feature in the map.
Print page.

Other Tools:

Click on the sun icon in the toolbar to switch on/off weather info.
Click on the wikipedia icon in the toolbar to switch on/off georeferenced wikipedia entries.
Print map and selected info windows.
Coordinate read-out:
Move cursor over the map. The coordinates are displayed in the textbox.
Measure tool:
Use the mouse to draw a line/area representing the distance you wish to measure. The line can have one or more line segments. Double-click end the line. The length/area you measured is displayed in the textbox.
Zoom In
Zoom Out
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Coordinate read-out
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