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Make your own hompage with your GPS tracks

Mappetizer Travel Diary is a web (browser) application mainly focused on displaying GPS data (GPX files). It helps you to organize your tracks, but beside this, it also offers you space for additional information (text, pictures, links ...) about your tracks.
For your own, but also to share it with your friends.

Mappetizer Travel Diary simply bases on open standards like HTML, SVG and XML. You can use your application on your local machine, publish them on the Web (Web Mapping) or give them away on CD-ROM or DVD and view them within a Web browser.

Mappetizer Travel Diary uses OpenStreetMap as a background layer so you are not dependent on Google Maps or other map provider and their terms of use.

Mappetizer Travel Diary doesn't need any specific software or web server technologies.

View Ruthle's Travel Diary as an example.

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Ruthle's Travel Diary

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